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Lopez Immigration Law makes it easy to navigate the complex immigration system with confidence. Because we appreciate our clients’ commitments to their families and their work, we offer flexible payment plans and extended office hours.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Maria helped us by staying in constant contact with me and giving me updates as often as possible. We really appreciated that. Maria was always willing to go the extra mile.”

“I really liked Maria’s work. The payment plans are very helpful for the people who do not have many resources.”

“Every time we had a question, she was there to answer it. We are so thankful for Maria Lopez and her staff. Words cannot express how thankful I am.”

“Maria really made my husband’s immigration process less stressful by keeping us informed every step of the way and was always very professional and kind which exceeded my expectations. She would always update us when anything new happened with our case and answered any questions I had, no matter what they were, which I appreciated so much! I would recommend Maria to anyone.”

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