Once you have submitted an application or petition with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), you may be curious how long it will take to receive a decision. You can check the average processing times for your application or petition on USCIS’ website. Be sure you have your Receipt Notice with you when you check the processing times.

Once you are on the Check Case Processing Times site, you should see the following drop-down menus:

To start, using your Receipt Notice, locate your form number, such as I-130, I-485, N-400 or I-821D, and select it from the drop-down menu. Then, locate the Field Office or Service Center that is processing your case, such as the National Benefits Center, Nebraska Service Center, or the Vermont Service Center. Your form number and USCIS Field Office or Service Center can be found on your receipt notice as shown below:

Once you select both your Form Type and USCIS Field Office or Service Center, click “Get processing time.” The processing time for the office which is processing your particular form type should appear in a table. For example, if you have a Form I-130 pending at the California Service Center, you will see the following table:

The table displays both an estimated time range and a receipt date for case inquiry. The estimated time range is how long it is taking USCIS to process your case from the day it was received. The estimated time range is calculated based on the previous months’ completions of similar applications.

As shown above, some forms may have different processing times based on the different reasons for filing, so be sure to confirm you are looking at the correct processing time. For example, a U.S. citizen who filed a petition for his brother has an estimated wait time of 104.5 to 136 months, while a permanent resident who applied for her husband has an estimated wait time of 8.5 to 11 months.

The receipt date for a case inquiry provides you with information on when you can inquire about your case. If your receipt date, as shown on your Receipt Notice, is before the “Receipt date for a case inquiry” listed, you can submit an inquiry for your case being “outside normal processing time” online.

Other useful tools the USCIS site offers include:

We will soon publish more information about these tools.

Please note: This is general information and is not meant to be legal advice. For information on your specific situation, we recommend you use our contact form to schedule an appointment with our office. We would be glad to help you determine the best option for you.